January 1, 1970

ISER-N is pleased to announce a short course on “Survey Data Analysis” (June 3-7, 2013). The training is organized in collaboration with the Population Studies Center and Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan, USA.

This short course on “Survey Data Analysis” is designed to provide hands- on practical skills on the state-of-the-art of survey data analysis techniques using commonly available analytical software. This course will focus on survey data and data quality; types of research questions that can be answered using the survey data; and appropriate data analysis techniques. The intensive hands-on exercises will extensively use large scale real world survey data and provide practical skills to generate statistical outputs and interpretation of the results (with examples from peer-reviewed scientific articles published in world class scientific journals). Finally, the course will also cover an overview of research ethics and the publication process in peer-reviewed journals.

This course will be jointly conducted by highly experienced resource persons of the University of Michigan(Dr. Dirgha Ghimire; Dr. Prem Bhandari) and ISER-N (Mr. Bishnu Adhikari).