We are a premier research and development institute committed to turning knowledge into practice and improving human lives and environmental conditions. Our work focuses on evidence-based decision-making processes that build on high quality scientific research carried out by employing state-of-the-art, cutting-edge research methods for promoting informed policy decisions, identifying effective sustainable development initiatives, and strengthening democratic values.

ISER-N implements a three-pronged approach that interlinks research, capacity building, and policy and program interventions as part of the effort to turn knowledge into practice. These components reinforce each other through integrated programs of research, policy analysis, strategic communications, evidence-based decision making, and training. Our programs are designed to foster dialogue with local, national, and international scholars, policy makers, practitioners and activists, and to promote the exchange of ideas and research scholarships. The programs embrace multi-disciplinary collaborations and are designed and implemented in coordination with active participation from local communities, local government and non-governmental organizations, bilateral institutions, and universities both in Nepal and abroad. The institute is devoted to sharing data and research findings to foster informed analytical discourse on critical issues facing the nation.

We are proud to have a team of experienced and enthusiastic national and international researchers from various areas. We are also highly equipped with recent technologies to promote Computer Assisted data collection, undisturbed work environment (power back up) and building up of national capacity (Long Distance Training Centre, high speed internet, …).

ISER-N is guided by a set of principles reflected in the vision, mission and goal of the institute.


Institutionalization of high quality research based policy formulation is fundamental to sustainable development.


Turning knowledge into practice by fostering informed analytical discourse on key scientific challenges facing Nepal’s changing society.


Build social and environmental research capacity to improve human lives and environmental conditions through high quality scientific research, policy advocacy, and effective program interventions.