International Farmer Innovation Day has been celebrated on 29th November this year holding a Zoom meeting organized jointly by Institute for Social and Environmental Research-Nepal (ISER-N) and Interscaff Safety Training Private Limited. IFID this year aimed at honoring the innovators and integrating innovations with the skill development of researchers and students. The virtual event was chaired by the Chairperson of Interscaff Safety Training Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Tek Bahadur Paudel, and moderated by Dr. Namrata Poudel. The program was attended by 25 participants (11 women and 14 men) from various governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, research, and academic institutes.

Dr. Hari Bahadur K.C., joint secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Nepal, a special invitee, highlighted the potential for agriculture development through a combination of indigenous knowledge and innovation of modern technologies. His presentation was followed by Dr. Yamuna Ghale, an agriculture expert who discussed the roles of women and youth in integrating innovations in the food chain of agricultural products.

The presentation was followed by sharing innovations by agriculture innovators ranging from farmers and entrepreneurs to trainers and researchers. Innovations scaled from waste management, rooftop gardening, preservation of local crop seeds, vermicomposting, medicinal herb composting, etc.

Wrapping up the presentation session, Chairperson of ISER-N, Prof. Dr. Dharma Raj Dangol shared the status of innovation in Nepal and put forth some information about IFID. As per Dr. Dangol, the IFID celebration in Nepal was started in 2014 by PROLLINOVA (Promoting Local Innovation) Nepal and has been continued every year by different organizations such as Natural History Museum, CENEED (The Centre for Nepal Environmental and Educational Development), and various schools. He also shared his work in the academic sector, a pilot program entitled ‘School Rooftop Gardening Education Program’ that will train teachers, students, and parents about rooftop gardening. He highlighted the importance of documentation and integration of local innovation into the course curriculum of Master’s degree, Tribhuwan University, primary and secondary school.

Special guest of the program, Dr. Dhiren Gurung from the USA highlighted the importance of accountability, transparency, and credibility in acquiring help from any funding agencies; and committed to helping in the agriculture development of Nepal.

Chairperson of the program, Mr. Tek Bahadur Paudel concluded the program with a vote of thanks to all the presenters and participants. He expressed his desire to work together for agriculture development with the innovators.