ISER-N announces a short-term training on "Survey Data Analysis" from May 22-26, 2017.


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Capacity Building
Developing Knowledge, Skills and High Quality Research Infrastructure

Our priorities in capacity building programs include the development of both human resources and research infrastructures at the institutional as well as national level.

Human Resources Development

A key aim of this program is to nurture and develop capable and motivated human resources to promote innovative and interdisciplinary research and to carry out actions for sustainable development. The institute’s human resource development aims at collaborations between national and international institutions. Emphasis is provided to create training opportunities for individuals in various academic institutions, government, and non-governmental organizations to keep them up-to-date on state-of-the-art research methods and techniques. We also emphasize developing strong ties between Nepali institutions and institutions abroad for collaborative research and human resource development.

Strengthening Research Infrastructure

An integral aspect of research capacity building is the development and institutionalization of a world class research institution and infrastructure necessary for conducting and managing high quality research. We are committed to building and institutionalizing the necessary physical and technical research infrastructure needed for a lead institution per se in serving future social and environmental research methods and training programs.

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