Policy & Interventions


ISER-N understands the value and importance of information dissemination to institutionalize evidence-based policy formulation, and to plan and implement effective sustainable development programs.

The specific aims of program on policy feedback and interventions are to:


Provide/Formulate Research-Based Policy Feedback: Advocate for the institutionalization of research- based policy formulation for successful program planning and development interventions at the local and national levels.


Knowledge Dissemination: Share new knowledge generated through research in academic and non-academic settings in the form of presentations and publications of the findings.


Empower Communities: Support and strengthen communities, in areas prioritized by the institute, by sharing new knowledge and information generated through research. This sharing adds to their repertoire of knowledge and experience, and helps them cope better with the changing political, social and economic context of the nation.


Nurture Partnerships: Partner with local communities to launch sustainable development interventions aimed at improving social, economic and environmental conditions.