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Trainer\'s Training on General Interviewing Techniques (GIT) (August 25-29, 2010)

ISER-N has been regularly organizing training programs on the state-of-the -art, cutting edge social and environmental research methods to institutionalize the high quality scientific research for promoting informed policy decisions and identifying effective sustainable development initiatives. Recently, a 5-days (August 25-29, 2010) Trainer’s Training on General Interviewing Techniques (GIT) was organized at the ISER-N office in Fulbari, Chitwan. The goal of the training was to provide both the theoretical and practical aspects of General Interviewing Techniques and production management for survey data collection using the standard module of the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan. This training was an effort towards enhancing the institution’s social and environmental research capacity building program in Nepal.

Ms. Nicole G. Kirgis (Survey Director, Project Design and Management) at Survey Research Center (SRC), Institute for Social Research (ISR), University of Michigan (UM), who is highly experienced in the production and management of high quality survey data using SurveyTrak and WebTrak for long time, provided training to the participants on the standard techniques of interviewing and survey/interview management along with intensive hands on exercise and interview practice. The major topics covered were the role of interviewer, interviewer bias and variance and methods of reducing such errors, components of standardized interviewing, gaining respondent cooperation and data quality control. The other important features of the training were as the demonstration of the computerized interviewing through Blaise application,  management of Paradata using SurveyTrak and WebTrak and  as well as an overview of issues related to the transition from paper to computerized data collection and management.
A total of 12 participants (Research Managers,  Computing Manager and Research Officers)  who are directly involved in survey research attended the training. Although these participants have been practicing these methods and techniques for long time, they found this training unique, highly practical and most useful for conducting and managing high quality survey research. The training was jointly organized by the ISER-N and the Survey Research Center (SRC), University of Michigan (UM).

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