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Ideational Influences on Family Life

A study entitled "The Influence of Ideational Factors on Family Life in Chitwan" was recently launched in western Chitwan Valley to further explore more scientific inquiries on the influence of developmental idealism and thinking. The goal of this study is to investigate the influence of ideational factors on family life in Nepal and has five specific aims: First, to examine how ideational factors influence marriage behavior, focusing primarily on the transition into first marital union. Second, to investigate how ideational factors intersect with socioeconomic structures to influence entrance into marriage. Third, to study how ideational factors influence fertility, considering both childbearing and the use of contraception. Fourth, to examine the ways in which ideational, social, and economic structures intersect and combine to influence contraception and childbearing. Fifth, to examine how these ideational influences vary by both gender and age and also examine husband-wife dynamics in fertility decisions. 

This study gathered life histories of individual experiences, attitudes, beliefs, values, and religiosity through individual interviews from over 7,700 adults in 2009. An innovative element of this study is the measure of the changes in individuals’ attitudes, beliefs, and values.

This study plans to update ideational measures annually for the next three years. This study plans to continue the monthly prospective demographic registry.

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