Research Infrastructure

Conveniently located in south central Nepal, the ISER-N office at Fulbari, Chitwan has easy access from and to the rest of the country. The office complex consists of two buildings: the main office and the guest house. The main office building, designed to carry out large-scale research projects, includes a highly secure computing facility that has a backup energy supply, climate control, and power regulation equipment. There is a large training hall that can comfortably accommodate up to 50 participants at once, a meeting hall, a coding room, and several office rooms for research staff and administrative personnel. The institute has recently developed a telephone survey facility as well. The institute also maintains a library of study materials related to population, the environment, and social science research methods. Also, the institute has developed an environmental lab with the initiation of basic soil sampling tests. The institute also maintains several additional field/site offices located throughout the current study area. The guest house is designed to provide accommodation for visiting scholars and researchers.



We also strive to establish and strengthen the necessary infrastructure for conducting and managing high-quality social and environmental research in Nepal. Specifically, we aim to:

Research Infrastructure: Establish physical and technical research infrastructure including social and environmental data collection facilities including GIS labs, telephone and computer-based survey labs, and computing facilities that will support state-of-the-art research in the context of rapid changes in the technology and research methods.

Data Archival and Data Analysis Infrastructure: Develop and maintain the appropriate and high-tech hardware infrastructure necessary to archive data collected by ISER-N and other institutions in Nepal. As well as to maintain computing facilities to encourage analysis of data.