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Last updated on 15 Aug, 2015

ISER-N has been partners to many institutions, universities and organizations within and outside nation with the objective to enhance research capacity and train national and international students specially involved in social and environmental research. Organizations working in the field of social science and environmental research—including universities, government and non-government institutions, committees may reach out to ISER-N for collaboration.

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ISER-N is visited by many national and international scholars and students and researchers for various research purposes. ISER-N is glad to share its resources, expertise and data to the researchers willing to study or conduct research in Nepal. ISER-N is a perfect place to reach at if you are one of them.

All research programs are mandated to be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the institute, designated to approve, monitor, and review research involving humans with the aim of protecting the rights and welfare of every research subject.

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