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Last updated on 22 Sep, 2017


An International Training on
Survey Data Analysis Techniques 
December 24-28, 2017

 Taught by:

✓Dr. Dirgha Ghimire, Research Associate Professor, University of  Michigan, USA

✓Dr. Keshav Pokhrel, Assistant Professor of Statistics, University of  Michigan, USA

✓Ms. Rija  Manandhar, Research Officer, ISER-N, Chitwan, Nepal                         


✓ Masters Degree in social science or any other relevant discipline

✓ Knowledge of basic statistics and computing skills required

✓ Applicants currently involved in a research program will be preferred

  Important Dates

✓ Friday, November 24, 2017         :  Application Deadline

✓ Tuesday, November 28, 2017      :  Notification To Selected Applicants

✓ Sunday, December 10, 2017        :  Registration Deadline


  Course Fee
   Participants     Without Accommodation   With Accommodation
   National     NRS. 32,500    NRS. 42,500
   International     US $850    US $850

1) Course Fee for international participants and participants applying "with accommodation" includes tuition, cost of training materials, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), accommodation in renowned hotel at Bharatpur and local transportation to and from the hotel to training venue. For participants applying "without accommodation" , the course fee only includes tuition, cost of training materials and  food (breakfast and lunch, only). 

2) Unless otherwise specified, fee excludes medical and other miscellaneous expenses.


Participants will Learn:-    

1) Application of the state-of-the art survey data analysis techniques with intensive hands-on practice using R software to analyze large scale real world survey data.

2) Interpret results. In addition, participants will review peer-re-viewed scientific articles published in world class international journals to gain experience of generating statistical tables and interpreting the results. 

  What Does This Course Cover?
    • ✓ Intensive residential course covers nearly a full semester material.
    • ✓ Covers both theory and hands-on practice on the state-of-the-art of survey data analysis techniques/tools. 
    • ✓ We focus on real data challenges (e.g. missing data, complex data, and categorical data) that you have experienced in your own data.
    • ✓ Methods for relaxing model assumptions that will end up with accurate prediction and confidence limits.
    • ✓ In five days, you will learn the basic foundation of survey data analysis and become a knowledgeable and effective user of survey data with the application of various analytical tools.
    • ✓ Intensive hands-on exercises on :
    • • Data cleaning, data structure, data visualization, and data management;
    • • Matching appropriate analytical techniques to research questions;
    • • When and how to use statistical models;
    • • Methods of testing model assumptions and obtain prediction and confidence limits for future observations;
    • • Hands on application of univariate, bi-variate and multivariate analytical techniques;
    • • Interpretation and presentation of the results.
  • ✓ Publication process in peer-reviewed journals.
To Apply, Click Here.
  Comments by Participants
“Every part of this training was equally useful to for me as I am doing thesis in social science.” Ms. Wajiha Hassan Statistical Information Unit, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan, November 2011
“I am happy to have made it here in the training. Learning from the training is a precious gift for me. This training made me think to submit my outputs in journals.” Jennifer Bongaparo, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, Afghanistan, December 2012
“This training is very helpful to me in understanding data analysis techniques and interpreting the results." Ms. Sharmeen Ahmed, Senior Lecturer, School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Independent University, Bangladesh, June 2012
“I am so grateful to participate in this training. I gained knowledge and skill on data analysis. I am hopeful to publish results from my research.” Dorendra Bahadur Thapa, Lecturer, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, December 2013
“Practical exercises and project work provided opportunity to learn by doing. Training material helped to understand the process step by step.” Mr. Vaibhav Murhar, Project Director, PRIME, India, December 2014
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