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Another major activity of the human resource development program is to provide on-site, hands-on practical training and research opportunities to national and international students and scholars on social and environmental research. The goal is to provide training on appropriate research methods and instrument design, survey and ethnographic interviewing, data collection techniques, and geo-spatial data collection methods (global positioning system) in rural agricultural societies. During these training programs, ISER-N staff also benefit from their research experience and expertise. The training is mutually beneficial to both Nepali and international counterparts.

International scholars affiliated with various institutions that have visited Nepal and ISER-N, received hands-on, on-site practical training, and conducted trainings to ISER-N research staff and affiliated researchers are:
Research Conducted by Scholars in Chitwan in Collaboration with ISER-N.

SNScholarsInstitutionArea of Research


1Dr. Scott T. YabikuArizona State UniversitySocial and Family Dynamics2010
2Dr. Jennifer E. GlickArizona State UniversitySocial and Family Dynamics2010
3 Mr. Daniel Thompson University of Michigan Data Analyst Influences of Development Idealism on Family Life in Nepal2010
4Dr. Ashish BajracharyaPopulation Council, New YorkNegotiations in Marriage Costs


5Dr. Linda C. Young-DeMarcoResearch Associate, University of MichiganInfluences of Development Idealism on Family Life in Nepal


6Dr. Lisa D. PearceAssociate Professor, University of North Carolina-Chapel HillPilot Study: Religion and Family Life


7Dr. Emily OsterPost Doc. Fellow, University of ChicagoPilot Study: Menstruation and Education in Nepal


8Dr. Rebecca ThorntonPost Doc. Fellow, University of MichiganPilot Study: Menstruation and Education in Nepal


9Dr. Ann BiddlecomResearch Scientist, Population Studies Center, University of MichiganEnvironmental Impact on Fertility Preferences


10Dr. Amy PientaAssociate Research Scientist University of MichiganAging and Elderly Care


11Dr. Jennifer BarberProfessor, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, USASocial, Psychological Influence on Family Formation and Fertility Behavior.

1998 to date

12Dr. Arland Thornton Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, USAIdeational Influence on Family Formation and Fertility Behavior

1995 to date

13Dr. Thomas FrickeProfessor, Department of Anthropology, University of MichiganSocial Change, Human Values, Religion, Culture and Family Behavior

1995 to 2003

14Dr. William G. AxinnProfessor, Department of Sociology, and Director, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, USAFamily Change, Social Formation and Fertility

1995 to date

On-site Trainings Received by International Students in Chitwan.

S.N.ParticipantsOrganizationDegree and DisciplineYear
1Ms. Catherine M. Loden Arizona State University Undergraduate, Sociology 2010
2Mr. Jose A. Bachiller The London School of Economics & Political Science M.A. Economics 2010
3Ms. Shradha Shrestha University of North Carolina, chapel Hill Ph.D. Sociology 2010
4Ms. Taylor Hargrove University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Undergraduate, Psychology 2010
5 Ms. Alexandra Cooperstock University of Michigan Undergraduate, Sociology 2010
6Ms. Lindsay DiMarco University of Michigan Undergraduate, Sociology 2010
7Ms. Keera Allendorf University of Michigan Postdoctoral Fellow 2010
8Ms. Meeta Pradhan University of Michigan Ph.D., Sociology 2009
9Mr. Neil Henderson CarterMichigan State UniversityPh.D., Fishery and Wildlife 2010, 2009 & 2008
10Mr. Alex Zvoleff`Ph.D., Geography2009
11Mr. Yingchun JiUniversity of North Carolina-Chapel HillPh.D., Sociology 2009
12Ms. Elyse Ann JenningsUniversity of MichiganPh.D., Sociology and Demography2009
13Ms. Hannah BentUniversity of MichiganUndergraduate, Sociology 2009
14Ms. Katie Hendricks University of MichiganUndergraduate, Sociology 2009
15Ms. Cynthia MachtUniversity of MichiganPh.D., Sociology and Demography2008
16Ms. Emily McKendry SmithUniversity of North Carolina-Chapel HillPh.D., Sociology2008
17Mr. Colter Monroe MitchellUniversity of MichiganPh.D., Sociology and Demography2007
18Ms. Sarah Brauner-OttoUniversity of MichiganPh.D., Sociology and Demography2005
19Ms. Mr. Keith RobinsonUniversity of MichiganPh.D., Sociology2001
20Mr. Scott YabikuUniversity of MichiganPh.D., Sociology and Demography1999
21Ms. Lisa PearceUniversity of MichiganPh.D., Sociology and Demography1996
22Ms. Jennifer BarberPennsylvania State University Ph.D., Sociology1995

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