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Reports to Respondents


Reports to Respondents are intended to disseminate the basic findings from the data collected in very simple Nepali language and aimed specifically at individuals in the communities in western Chitwan who have been participating in all the different research activities since 1996.


These reports are part of the institute’s commitment to share knowledge gained through research at the local language and to generate better understanding of the research work that has been going on in the community. We have published several of these reports and distributed copies of each report to participating households and other people in the study area.

1.      lrtjg pkTosfsf] kfl/jfl/s tyf jftfj/)f cg";Gwfgsf] pQ/bftfx?sf nflu l/kf]^{ 2055. (Respondent Report 1. 2000).

2.      lrtjg pkTosfsf] kfl/jfl/s tyf jftfj/)f cg";Gwfgsf] pQ/bftfx?sf nflu l/kf]^{ 2057. (Respondent Report 2. 2001).


3.      hg;+Vof tyf jftfj/)f cg";Gwfg k|of]uzfnfsf ultlalw 2060. (Respondent Report 3. 2005).

4.      ;fdflhs tyf jftfj/)fLo cg";Gwfg ;+:yf-g]kfnsf] pQ/bftfx?sf] nflu cg";Gwfg ultlalw 2067. (Respondent Report 4. 2011).

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