ISER-N announces a short-term training on "Survey Data Analysis" from May 22-26, 2017.


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Our research capacity building strategy builds upon a combination of both in-house expertise in Nepal and expertise of its collaborating institutions around the world.  This strategy has been highly successful in utilizing culturally appropriate setting specific expertise in Nepal as well as the state-of-the-art cutting edge research methods and techniques that have been continuously developed and rigorously used in advanced countries. In addition, this approach has also been highly effective to maintain and keep up to date ISER-N’s research capacity needed for high quality research.

ISER-N is fortunate to have a sizable group of national and international researchers/scholars who are affiliated with the organization in different capacities.
The researchers/scholars are trained in the state-of-the-art research methods and techniques from universities worldwide and have strong expertise and experience in designing, implementing and managing programs on cutting-edge research, policy advocacy and intervention programs.

The national and international researchers currently involved at ISER-N are:

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