ISER-N announces a short-term training on "Survey Data Analysis" from May 22-26, 2017.


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* Our office is conveniently located in south central Nepal at Fulbari, Chitwan and has easy access from and to the rest of the country.

* The office complex consists of two buildings within the campus premises.

* The main office building which is designed to carry out large scale research projects has:

·         A highly secure computing facility with back up energy supply, climate control, and power regulation equipment.

·         The computing facilities consist of several desktop computers, laptop computers and printers, along with a large array of supporting equipment.

·         A large training hall that can comfortably accommodate up to 50 participants.

·         A meeting hall.

·         A coding room.

·         A library with study materials related to population, the environment and social science research methods. The library has access to JSTOR (online system for archiving academic journals).

·         Several office rooms for research staff and  

       administrative personnel.

·         A recently developed telephone survey facility.

* A guest house to provide accommodation for visiting scholars and researchers.

* The institute also maintains several additional field/site offices.

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