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The research program on education aims at understanding the existing educational inequalities among individuals of different sections of the population. The research programs on education also focus on the role education has on population processes and environmental issues.

Menstruation and Education

This study was motivated by the desire to understand the impact of menstruation on the educational achievements of girls in school through either lack of access to sanitary products or through cultural norms and local practices during menstruation. Through a randomized evaluation, this study measured the effect of having access to modern menstruation technology on girls’ education in Nepal. In particular, this study randomized the allocation of a sanitary, re-usable menstrual cup to school age girls and their mothers who would otherwise be using pieces of cloth as their sanitary protection.


Although this pilot study is rather small in scope involving only 388 girls from four schools of two districts, the findings are very encouraging and the researchers have submitted a proposal to scale up the study to a larger sample.

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