International Training on "Survey Data Analysis"
31 Dec, 1969

ISER-N is pleased to announce short-term courses on Survey Data Analysis Techniques from November 24-28, 2014. ISER-N is organizing these trainings in collaboration with the Population Studies Center (PSC) of the University of Michigan, USA.

The short course on Survey Data Analysis Techniques is designed to provide hands-on practical skills on the state-of-the-art of survey data analysis techniques using commonly available computer software. This course will focus on survey data and data quality; types of research questions that can be answered using the survey data; and appropriate data analysis techniques. The intensive hands-on exercises will extensively use large scale real world survey data and provide practical skills to generate statistical outputs and interpretation of the results (with examples from peer-reviewed scientific articles published in world class scientific journals). Finally, this course will also cover an overview of research ethics and the publication process in peer-reviewed journals.

This course will be jointly offered by the resource persons of the University of Michigan (Dr. Dirgha Ghimire, Dr. Prem Bhandari) and ISER-N (Mr. Bishnu Adhikari).